Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fashion Rules

Do you know the fashion rules?

You have to be aware of the fashion dos and don'ts to properly break them, or else you risk looking like idiot. Ever talk the law with a career criminal? Trust me they know the law better than a lawyer does. A style expert, or just a well dressed man, has to be the same way, the laws of fashion need to be second nature to him.

The Rules: Abridged version

White is only acceptable between Memorial Day and Labor Day, which has been expanded to include Easter, thankfully.
  • Never wear linen in the winter and tweed in the summer.
  • Always match the color of your belt and your shoes, unless it is a web belt.
  • Wear a conservative tie and suit to a job interview.
  • Don't wear pleats EVER, plain front pants only.
  • Wear a dark tie with a tan suit.
  • Patent leather shoes are for black tie affairs only.
  • For Formal events wear Oxfords not Bluchers. Bluchers are a casual shoes masquerading as a formal shoe.
  • Go with a Four-in-Hand knot, instead of the stuffy Full Windsor (By the way, those might be the most boring videos of all time, good sleeping material).
  • The tie is supposed to reach your belt, not above or below it.
  • A button-down collared shirt is an informal shirt or sport shirt. A point collar is a formal shirt.
  • A blazer is less formal than a suit, but is still appropriate with a tie.
  • On a two button suit - button the top button and not the bottom button. On a three button suit - only button the middle button. On a double breasted suit - Keep the top button buttoned, never button the bottom one.
  • Do crease your suit slacks, don't crease your chinos or jeans.
  • A hat is to be worn outside and inside only until you sit down... And never inside in the presence of a lady (this is a really old school rule).
These go on and on and on.

Do you know the rules?

If not keep reading this blog for the modern day tips and read a suitable wardrobe and blogs like it for the classic rules of dress. Learn them, get familiar with them, and then break them. Its a valuable lesson and one that will save you embarrassment in the future and allow you to confidently know that the rule you are breaking that day is damn cool (and all your own).

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