Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wool Hoodie

I tried to find an example online of the jacket that was used in the (500) Days of Summer movie, that I am now obsessing over, but I could not find it. These three jackets could serve as stand ins to achieve a similar look. The best alternative is in the movie and is a combination of all three.

The top picture is a a gray hooded jacket by Nixon. It provides the hooded casual style to the outfit, but is a jacket and not a hoodie.

The off white cashmere hoodie is by John Varvatos, is a decent alternative. It has a casual design and cut while being made out of a dressy material like cashmere. In a dark heather gray it could serve as a go to sweatshirt for the fall/winter. It can certainly be paired with a shirt and tie.

The bottom option is a hooded jacket by YMC. It is a hooded bermuda jacket. The pockets are fantastic and add a dressier element to the hoodie. Without the unneeded collar on the jacket, this would be a perfect alternative. The pockets really help make the jacket acceptable for a shirt and tie combination.

Can anyone point me in the direction of the hoodie I am looking for? Has anyone seen (500) Days of Summer? Do you know a designer that makes a similar jacket? Or even the exact jacket?

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