Saturday, August 22, 2009

Raw Denim - A.P.C. Jeans

A.P.C. is a french company that actually sells something worth talking about, raw denim jeans. Raw denim jeans are completely unwashed and untreated denim. The denim is like a blank canvas awaiting your masterpiece of style. The more you wear the jeans the more they get broken in, distressed, faded and become a secondary skin. A.P.C. by all regards make the best raw denim around. You can certainly find other companies, like Nudie & G-Star, that make good raw denim jeans, but judging by the pictures above I will stick with A.P.C.

Even though you aren't supposed to wash A.P.C. Jeans for a year (minimum of 6 months). During that time you are supposed to just wear them. Letting the denim breathe, distress and mold to your body. Raw Denim jeans are supposed to be bought a size too small and then as you wear them they will gain an inch in the waist. At first they are very stiff and uncomfortable, but over time they will break-in and easier to wear. Eventually they will be the softest, most comfortable pair of jeans, but you have to have patience to get there and ignore the fact that they need to be washed. I only wish that I had found these jeans in college, then I would have had an excuse not to wash them and a pair of jeans that were so uniquely broken in. I also want to hire someone with exact body type to break them in for me (but I guess that would take away part of the fun).

In the picture above you can see the brand new pair of A.P.C. jeans next to a pair that has been broken in for a year. I think the look is very cool and natural looking, unlike so many pair of "distressed" or "destroyed" jeans that are sold today.


  1. I have the A.P.C. New Cure Raw Denim jeans and they fit amazingly. They are my main pair of jeans and have been wearing them nearly every day for ten months with no washes. They truly do fade based on your lifestyle and how you use them. The photos above seem to accurately depict how they fade and wear. I agree that they should be bought a size small, i am usually a 30 but bought a 29 and they fit perfectly, and have not stretched a whole lot. At first you will feel like like you are wearing thin cardboard, but only a couple of months in they become much more comfortable. "pre-distressed" jeans definately do not compare to these as stated above.

  2. Thanks, I was looking to get a pair, but I didn't know much about it. This rly helped