Monday, August 10, 2009

Multiple Patterns - shirt and tie

Wearing multiple patterns at the same time is all about wearing complimentary patterns and colors. A blue striped shirt with a blue polka dot tie is attractive since the blues in both patterns are complimentary and the patterns don't clash. Two competing plaid patterns would fight against each other and be distracting to the eye.

Keep it simple. Focus wearing a simple patterned shirt: striped, windowpane, tattersall or gingham check all can be basic patterns and easy to pair with a tie.

The tie should have a simple pattern. A polka dot tie, a rep tie, a horizontally striped tie, a simple plaid or a minimalist paisley tie will work best. Most of the tie should have a solid color that is in the same hue as the shirt. The other color or colors in the tie should be in the same family of colors or a complimentary color.

Lastly, wear a plain suit with clean lines. Stay away from the herringbone, striped or windowpane check for the suit. A simple suit will add balance to the outfit and give the eyes a safe place to rest. The simple suit will act as an anchor keeping the outfit grounded.

Start with something safe before branching out to the more daring. Remember you must be comfortable and confident to be able to make the outfit work.

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