Sunday, August 9, 2009

Style Profile - (500) Days of Summer

Style Profile: (500) Days of Summer

First off, (500) Days of Summer, is a great movie. It has a very good story, with laugh out loud funny moments, a great love story, good acting, good music, great set design and fantastic clothing (for the two main characters: Summer & Tom). The hair styles could have been improved, but lets focus on the good. Hats off to Hope Hanafin who did the Costume Design for the movie.

Tom's character had a very individual style that fit the character and the overall feel of the movie. The character incorporated throwback 1960s style into a modern day setting without coming off as try-hard or overly hipster. A few of tie selections could have been improved, but others were magnificently paired with the appropriate outfits. The jackets in the movie were great from the casual corduroy paired with slacks and a t-shirt to the pincord corduroy suit worn to the summer wedding to the dressy wool blends, each jacket had exquisite tailoring and were worn in appropriate settings. The Costume Designer also masterfully used cashmere cardigans, wool hooded sweatshirts and sweater vests as layers over subtle neutral colored shirts and interesting ties. There were too many sweater vests for my taste, but the style never felt forced.

The use of a casual, but not too casual, wool hooded sweatshirt with shirt and tie, was a great combination (sorry I could not find a picture of the outfit, in the movie he wears the outfit in the Ikea). It made me want to steal the look for fall/winter events that are outside. For events that demand a modern casual oufit, but that I would still want to dress up for. Pairing the hooded sweatshirt, shirt and tie with wool slacks and distressed brown boots might be my new obession (and summer isn't even over). The more I talk about the look the more I want it.

(500) Days of Summer is a great date movie, enjoyable story, good amounts of humor and love and witty dialogue. Plus, you get to take in a great fashion show from a fashion designer with an amazing vision, that was carried out to perfection (well maybe minus a sweater vest or two).

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