Friday, August 14, 2009

Style Profile - Luca Rubinacci

Luca Rubinacci - Heir to Rubinacci a fine menswear store with locations in Naples and London, Son of Mariano Rubinacci Taylor & Store Owner

Luca Rubinacci's style has been captured beautifully in these pictures by the Sartorialist, Scott Schuman. He is a champion of modern day Sprezzatura. He also embodies the elegance and confidence of Italian style, that is so often misinterpreted as arrogance. Rubinacci the son of a great Italian tailor shows skill in breaking the rules of fashion that growing up in the fashion industry can produce. He knows the rules he is breaking and conciously does so, even though it make look carefree. Rubinacci's outfits have a finished look that is anything but haphazard and are instead masterfully pieced together. Rubinacci's style is one of the first that drew me to love Sprezzatura and renew my love for fine clothes.

His rebellion of the rules is breathtaking. I am in awe of how he can have so many powerful, outfit stealing items worn at once, yet never seems to cross the line into a gaudy or try-hard outfit. This I feel comes from the personalization of his style. He owns the style and wears the clothes as if they are his second skin, not an outfit or uniform made to represent a person he is not. The clothes are not just an extension of his personality, but are embedded in his being. I would venture to guess he does not see his style choices as outlandish, as some would see them, but instead as necessary accessories to complete the outfit. Just as I would not leave the house without shoes, Rubinacci would not leave the house without unbuttoned surgeon cuffs, multiple bracelets and colorful clothing.

I also admire the way Rubinacci uses color during multiple different seasons. He elegantly is able to stay in the palate of the season while still being able to embrace and utilize color in all of his outfits. This is something I am especially taking note of heading into the fall and winter season. (Side note: the "in" color in fall and winter that you must have is purple. Beautiful deep purple will be available everywhere in the fall collection. It is really quite regal.)

Pure Sprezzatura, edgy, modern, perfectly tailored, classic with a twist. May we all own our style as well as Luca Rubinacci does.

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