Friday, August 21, 2009

Espadrilles - The perfect summer shoe

Espadrilles, as they are called, are one of the best lounging around summer shoes. They are classic, dating back decades, they are comfortable, they are stylish and they are not trendy, all perfect reasons to pick up a pair. Also, they are cheap (check out

Tom's has the best in the world. They are not super authentic from Tom's but they will last and they come in great colors. Tom's Shoes also donates one pair of shoes to the needy in third world countries when you buy a pair, so you at least you know you've put shoes on someone's feet. The crunchy granola liberal in me likes companies that help out others.

I prefer white, navy or red, but some of the bright color combination are great. Espadrilles are a perfect alternative to Converse Chuck Taylors or Jack Purcells. As good as the mainstays are, we need alternatives or else life would be way too boring.

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