Tuesday, October 20, 2009


For the best of everyone involved Dandy Fashioner has been moved to Modern Dignified.  This is really a re-branding of the blog under a name that everyone can be proud of.  Hopefully with the rebranding we will be able to attract more readers and become even more popular.  I thank my loyal readers for following the blog during this move.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Traditional Design in a Unique Fabric

While at Michael's Custom Clothiers this weekend I stumbled across a beautiful fabric made out of Worsted Wool (50%), Linen (30%) & Silk (20%).  The fabric came in a multitude of designs and colors but my favorite were the houndstooth and herringbone.  They were both tan and navy a striking combination.  Perfect for warm weather, or year around in a warm weather city like Los Angeles.

Personally, I would opt for the herringbone design to be made into a suit and the houndstooth to be made into an odd jacket.  Either option would be quite fun to be seen made into a finished piece.  The fabrics were part of a Savile Row "Island" collection.  Neither textile would be seen in on the rack made to wear clothing.  Yet another reason to get your suits & jackets made bespoke, selection.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bespoke Shirts

Yesterday I had the fortune to go to Michael's Custom Clothiers and order six shirts for my wardrobe.  These six shirts were at a very reasonable price of 440 which comes to $73 per shirt.  These shirts are custom made and will fit my body type.  They are all meant to be worn for business and with ties, but can be worn without a tie.

I have a thick neck, 17 inches, but like my shirts to be slim fitting in the arms, chest and waist.  The medium size store bought shirts that I prefer, typically come with a 15 inch neck, much to small for me to button and wear a tie with.  The shirts big enough for my neck look like moo moos on my frame.  This means that I must purchase custom shirts to achieve the desired look.

I went in and picked the fabrics and the design elements for these shirts.  They are all going to barrel cuff and most with a medium spread collar.  One, in a light blue oxford cloth, has a button down collar.  Another in a white and subtle light mint stripe, pictured, will have a spread collar.  I also picked up some striped and checked shirts as well, including a banker stripe, also shown.

These shirts will be finished in the next month or two.  When they are finished I will for sure show off the finished product on here.  With bespoke shirts you can also choose the type of collar, cuff, monogram and pocket or no pocket, as well as any other customization you prefer.  Custom shirts are certainly a great option for any man with unusual dimensions that ready to wear shirts can not accommodate.  Try some out, they can help out your wardrobe too.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

New York City Awaits...

At the end of October I will be traveling to New York for the weekend.  Part business, part pleasure.  I am certainly looking forward to shopping in NYC.  One of the stores that I am really excited to check out is Uniqlo.  I want to see the quality and fit of the clothes up close and personal, as well as pick up a few items if the clothes hold up to my standards.  From pictures alone, they certainly do.

Uniqlo is kind of like H&M, inexpensive clothes made in Europe.  They carry everything from casual t-shirts to wool suits.  I am very interested in checking out the no wale corduroy jacket that they are selling for $69.95.  I love the idea of a no wale cord, I hope it lives up to my expectations.  I also want to check out their trench coat, which is only $99.  Both seem like a good deal to me.  Finally, I am interested in their buffalo check flannel shirt for only $39.  Hopefully, the shirt fits nicely as I would rather get that shirt for $39 from Uniqlo than for $69 from J Crew or $85 from Woolrich, essentially they are the same shirt, at least in pictures.  I will know more once I am there.

I am certainly going to be checking out additional stores in New York, let me know if you have any suggestions on cool stores to check out.  I will also keep you posted on my Uniqlo finds.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Style Profile - Lino Ieluzzi

Milan is known for its great style, which comes from all of the men in Milan and the amazing stores in the city.  One of those iconic Milan stores shaping the style of the city is Al Bazar.  Not the classic styles of Milan, but instead the Sprezzatura fashion that Milan does so well.  The customers of Al Bazar are shopping the styles, fashion, collection and tailoring of its owner Lino Ieluzzi. 

Lino Ieluzzi is a master of Sprezzatura, color and the double breasted suit.  He wears a wallet or watch chain hanging from his belt.  He buttons his tie into his jacket or leaves it twisted.  He wears a pocket square thrown into the breast pocket stylistically carelessly.  He pairs colors together that few would naturally think work well together.  All and all Ieluzzi's style is careless, but planned; thoughtful, but looks thoughtless; slightly off of center, but classic; artfully disheveled without looking sloppy. 

Lino Ieluzzi pushes the boundaries of style with his personal choices and pushes the boundaries of style for the frequenters of Al Bazar.  Milan is better off with Ieluzzi's style keeping things fresh and un-stuffy.  In fact we are all better off with Lino Ieluzzi and Al Bazar.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Time for London Fog

It is the time of year to break out the London Fog.  Classic styling, good quality all-weather coats come from London Fog.  The coats are for the most part under $150 and will keep you dry and warm when needed.  It is time for London Fog to be broken out.  And if you don't have one to pick one up.

How bad can a brand be that uses Gisele Bundchen in their ad campaign as such?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Berluti Shoes

Arguably the best made-to-wear shoes in the world are Berluti.  They are a French company that have a few places in two stores in New York, one store in Los Angeles, Las Vegas & Dallas, as well as stores all over Europe that sell the masterpiece shoes.

They have been making shoes 1895 and have some of the most beautiful patinas on the brown shoes that they make.  The shoes all are the most luxurious and highest quality shoes that can be bought.  They are classic and traditional, but also groundbreaking and quite bizarre.  The most beautiful versions in my opinion are the minimalist sleek designs made from a single piece of leather.  But then again I think for some reason if I wore the purple Berluti shoes few people would have room to mock.

They seem to be able to cross the line between appropriate and inappropriate, classic and informal, elegant and gaudy without ever being a shoe that I would not be proud to own and wear with most any suit I own.  For Berluti I think it is simple, luxury, quality and style are apparent in every shoe made and those three things are of the highest level made of any shoe in the market.

Berluti shoes are certainly inspiring.

Monday, October 12, 2009

John Varvatos Pants Update...

A few weeks ago I went to the John Varvatos Warehouse sale at the Convention Center in Downtown. I was disappointed in the selection but I did find a pair of lightweight chinos, which had to be shortened by a tailor to fit my legs. After finding the time to take them in and pick them up again, they are finally back. Shortened to my preferred hem length the chinos look great, well at least as good as anything can look on me.

Excuse the horrible pictures, I am not adept at taking pictures in mirrors, but I will try to get better.  Also realize the pants look as those they have a stain on them, which is in reality a smudge on the mirror and not the pants.  I also provided a picture of my complete outfit which was taken in the hallway mirror, excuse the bad lighting. I am certainly glad that we have fall like weather in LA, at least for the beginning of the week. It is nice to break out the sweaters and trench/over coats. We are supposed to have weather in the mid 60s with a chance of rain for the first three days of the week, before it jumps back up to the 80s.  LA weather certainly keeps you on your toes this time of year.

Today, I decided to wear the new John Varvatos pants, I am always antsy to wear the new stuff, with green gray slip-ons. On top is a blue micro-check gingham light blue & white shirt, a navy sweater with a blue gray, light blue & white argyle pattern on the front. And finally, a Banana Republic trench coat just in case it rains, like the weather man warned. The trench coat might be the best pick up of the early fall, I bought it on sale for $35 since few in LA feel the need to be appropriately prepared for rain, rain essentials are often steeply discounted at retail chains so that they will not take up space in the stores for long.  One of the advantages of living in LA, a disadvantage is the selection is always drastically limited.

After all the ramblings, I have to say I am pleased with the John Varvatos Warehouse Sale purchase.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Big Black Book - Fall 2009

It is finally out!  Esquire has released the Big Black Book Style Guide for Fall 2009, you can pick it up on newsstands at select locations or you can pick it up online.  It is the best style magazine that is released in the US.  They release one every season, which makes you just want more.  The articles and pictures are inspirational, providing ideas and styles that are worth copying and owning.

The articles in the Spring 2009 Big Black Book on Sprezzatura are amazing.  They encapsulate the idea perfectly and with immense style.  Like these inspirational styles.

Order the fall edition, it will be worth the $9.99.