Monday, August 3, 2009

No Socks Kinda

A great look that you will see in all of the fashion magazines, blogs, runways and anywhere else in the city is the absence of socks. As Thom Browne says "ankles are the male cleavage". Wearing no socks with properly tailored shoes and a nice pair of well polished Oxfords is a great look, especially for summer, late spring and early fall. In Los Angeles and other fair weathered cities, it could almost be done year around.

One problem with the look is comfort. Its really uncomfortable to wear no socks with a nice pair of dress shoes, plus your feet sweat more and slip around in the shoe leaving blisters. But finally the answer is here: ankle socks. Goodhew makes a pair of the no show ankle socks as does Johnston & Murphy. The picture above I am wearing the no show sock (Johnston & Murphy), which gives me the comfort I need to deliver the look I want.


  1. That is a great idea. I want to do the no sock look but was not sure how to deal with the comfort issue. I just got some of those no show socks from Johnston and Murphy on their website and they work great!

  2. I just got some of those Johnston and Murphy no show socks for dress shoes too. Thanks, they work great. I am going to order some more.

  3. no no no. high heels are not comfortable, but anytime you see a lady that really knows how to walk in them you stand straighter. same thing applies here.

    i can see a little piece of the sock peeking out. not sexy.

  4. I love the idea of wearing dress shoes with no socks however the ones at Johnston&Murphy aren't exactly no see ums. For a true no see um check out J Crews Ped loafer sock. have everyone fooled.