Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Style Profile - Michael Bastian

Michael Bastian - Fashion Designer

Michael Bastian has worked for Tiffany & Co., Sotheby's, Ralph Lauren Polo & Bergdorf Goodman before launching his own line. He is also an expert of the modern Sprezzatura fashion. His personal style is tailored, elegant but edgy. He pairs interesting style elements with a classic look. His wardrobe looks modern without being hipster and classic without looking like your Grandfather's clothes.

Bastian effortlessly and confidently wears pieces that may at first glance not go well together, but work great. Take note of how Bastian wears no socks with his tux, a rugby shirt worn over a button down, a pink tux jacket, unbuttons his jackets surgeon cuffs, wears a loose silk knit tie, a well placed scarf and white jeans. I also like the juxtaposition of a naive red carnation pinned to the expensive and well tailored tuxedo.

Also check out Michael Bastian's collections.

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