Saturday, July 18, 2009

Essential Summer Fashion Must Haves - Khakis

Wear chinos!  Guys typically call them Khakis, but Khaki is the color the pants are known as chinos (which is the material).  Wear them as you would jeans.  They give you the summer vibe, they are easy to take care of and they help you stand out among the sea of jeans that most guys wear year around.

Keep the chinos slim and straight legged.  No bootcut!  I really love the urban slim cut at J Crew.  I also found that Calvin Klein is selling lightweight chinos in gray, light khaki and black for less than $25.  If you shop around you can get a nice pair of chinos for under $70, so much less expensive than jeans.

I like wearing them with chucks and a lightweight shirt.  The other option is to dress them up with some driving shoes.  They are as versatile as jeans... so you can wear them with anything.  They even look great with flip flops... probably better than jeans.  And if you are at the beach, wear the flip flops and roll the khakis once or twice (it is a great look).  

Once again, it is summer... so have fun with your khakis.

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