Tuesday, October 20, 2009


For the best of everyone involved Dandy Fashioner has been moved to Modern Dignified.  This is really a re-branding of the blog under a name that everyone can be proud of.  Hopefully with the rebranding we will be able to attract more readers and become even more popular.  I thank my loyal readers for following the blog during this move.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Traditional Design in a Unique Fabric

While at Michael's Custom Clothiers this weekend I stumbled across a beautiful fabric made out of Worsted Wool (50%), Linen (30%) & Silk (20%).  The fabric came in a multitude of designs and colors but my favorite were the houndstooth and herringbone.  They were both tan and navy a striking combination.  Perfect for warm weather, or year around in a warm weather city like Los Angeles.

Personally, I would opt for the herringbone design to be made into a suit and the houndstooth to be made into an odd jacket.  Either option would be quite fun to be seen made into a finished piece.  The fabrics were part of a Savile Row "Island" collection.  Neither textile would be seen in on the rack made to wear clothing.  Yet another reason to get your suits & jackets made bespoke, selection.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bespoke Shirts

Yesterday I had the fortune to go to Michael's Custom Clothiers and order six shirts for my wardrobe.  These six shirts were at a very reasonable price of 440 which comes to $73 per shirt.  These shirts are custom made and will fit my body type.  They are all meant to be worn for business and with ties, but can be worn without a tie.

I have a thick neck, 17 inches, but like my shirts to be slim fitting in the arms, chest and waist.  The medium size store bought shirts that I prefer, typically come with a 15 inch neck, much to small for me to button and wear a tie with.  The shirts big enough for my neck look like moo moos on my frame.  This means that I must purchase custom shirts to achieve the desired look.

I went in and picked the fabrics and the design elements for these shirts.  They are all going to barrel cuff and most with a medium spread collar.  One, in a light blue oxford cloth, has a button down collar.  Another in a white and subtle light mint stripe, pictured, will have a spread collar.  I also picked up some striped and checked shirts as well, including a banker stripe, also shown.

These shirts will be finished in the next month or two.  When they are finished I will for sure show off the finished product on here.  With bespoke shirts you can also choose the type of collar, cuff, monogram and pocket or no pocket, as well as any other customization you prefer.  Custom shirts are certainly a great option for any man with unusual dimensions that ready to wear shirts can not accommodate.  Try some out, they can help out your wardrobe too.