Saturday, August 15, 2009

It is time to start thinking about Fall clothes

Believe it or not, its time to think about fall, not because the weather change is eminent, but because in the fashion world, the fall clothes are in stores. I like seeing the new seasons clothes, the selections that are available at stores and then make a mental list of what each store is presenting as their trends for the season, what the trends are at each store and what the universal trends that are at every store. I then filter the trends that I see at stores through my own personal style barometer, what trends do I like? What articles of clothing are cool? What articles of clothing are universal? What articles of clothing are so unique that I must pick it up this season, or can I wait for the item to go on sale?

That is probably what I like more than anything else, making a mental list of the pieces in stores that I want to buy and then making a decision will this be around in two months on the sale rack? Or do I need to think about buying it now? If I think I might need to buy it now, I need to decide if I can find it at another store (for cheaper) or if it will be around in another season. If it is truly unique, that is when I pick it up. If it is not, then I will wait for it to go on sale. Most of the time I wait... sometimes I get disappointed, but usually I can pick it up on sale.

Over the next few days I will be posting my take on the fall trends and styles. There are some things I love, others can wait, others we can forget about all together. But I will share my thoughts and opinions.

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