Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Always List - Jeans

Jeans - It is certainly not revolutionary that a man should have jeans. But specifically, a man should have various types of jeans.

The Destroyed Pair - This is for the jeans that have the torn up knees, the thrashed cuff, the stains on the legs, the worn out back pocket. One of two ways to get this pair of jeans: buy it or earn it. If you are going to earn it, go the A.P.C. way. If you are going to buy it, think about the Abercrombie & Fitch. Their Remsen slim straight destroyed jeans have a great fit and nice level of destruction. (Typically I hate A&F, but I do have to say they have great jeans).

These jeans are best worn with a button down shirt or nice polo shirt. Capitalize on the sartorial contradiction of wearing worn out jeans with a nice clean shirt and shoes. These also work great with a blazer and converse. Utilize the jeans to add extra casualness to the outfit. Save the tshirt and jeans look for your other jeans.

The Favorite Pair - Do I really have to explain what makes a pair of jeans your favorite? This pair is not as torn up as the one above. It looks worn in, but is not destroyed, hopefully only has one or two small holes.
Wear this pair of jeans to the bar, to the ballgame, for kicking it with the girl. This pair of jeans are perfect for your favorite t-shirt. You could sleep in these jeans and probably have. Just make sure they are vintage slim fit.

The Nice Pair - Lastly, every guy needs a pair of crisp clean jeans that are for casual Friday at work, the important date, the dinner date or for meeting her parents. These are the jeans that you wear when slacks are too dressy, but you still have to look good. These jeans go better with a suit than a shirt, but hell they are jeans, they can be worn with anything. The Nice Pair of jeans are dark wash, non-faded, no distressing, no whiskering, no holes. We at DF recommend Selvage denim (also called selvedge denim) as it has cleaner lines. J Crew and the Gap have nice selvage denim jeans.
Remember, to dress the jeans up properly. Wear them with nice shoes and a well tailored jacket. Respect this pair of jeans as they are to be worn when you need to look nice. These are the jeans that work with any jacket and tie combination you own. Wear them only with dress shoes or casual shoes with good lines, like converse (save the skate shoes for the 90s flashbacks).

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