Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Update on John Varvatos Warehouse Sale

I went on Saturday afternoon to the John Varvatos Warehouse Sale in Downtown Los Angeles at the LA Convention Center, close to Staples Center and the Fashion District.

Overall, I was fairly disappointed in the selection, I have been to much more enjoyable Warehouse sales with wider selections of clothes and accessories. The John Varvatos selection was limited and frankly disappointing. The jackets were odd looking with a minimal selection. The shirts were abundant, but nothing I was drawn to. The best stuff, were the pants, which fit great and had interesting designs. After trying on almost every style they had the only pair I could see myself wearing again were a pair of khaki dress pants. Originally the pants sold for $245, but were on sale for $50.

I had to have the length tailored to fit, so I will provide a picture once they are have been finished.

Since the shopping experience was such a dud, I ended up spending the afternoon scouring the Fashion District for deals. I will update you all on that adventure later on, the story is still evolving.

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