Friday, September 4, 2009

Good shoppers find good deals

Priding myself on being a good shopper is not always about finding sales on items at J Crew, Ben Silver and Nordstroms, but sometimes it is about finding the right piece at a discount store. Most of the clothes at discount stores do not fit right or are out of style, but sometimes they get it just right and for a really good price. My two favorite stores to watch for deals are Target & American Eagle Outfitters. Take a look at the items I found at American Eagle, really cool stuff for great prices.

American Eagle Trench Coat - $99 - It has the same style as all the top designers for considerably less. Most of the designer Trench Coats are between $800 - $200 a coat, this one for only $100 is a great deal.

American Eagle Brown Leather Oxfords - $54 - As any faithful reader of this blog knows these are not Oxfords but instead Bluchers. But whatever you call them they are a good shoe for casual wear. They are useful for a night at the bar or any sporting event, and considering the circumstance could be great for a date or a casual Friday at work. I think the silhouette on these shoes are very cool, chunky where it counts and slender everywhere else. I of course love the patina and distressing, which will only improve with time. Not to mention the great price for shoes that have a wooden sole.

American Eagle Desert Shoes - $34 - These are exactly the same look as the desert shoes you will find made by Clarks, but a lot cheaper. We all know how important boots are this fall and these are a great deal on a classic shoe. Why pay more when you can get the same shoe for considerably less?

American Eagle Shawl Collar Sweater - $59 - I do like the sweaters at American Eagle quite a bit. This Shawl Collar sweater fits in with the current fall fashions and has a great accessory in the leather buttons. I would definitely think about adding this sweater to the collection.

American Eagle Woodsman Boots - $79 - These boots have a very similar look as the Red Wing boots made for J Crew, but are a lot less expensive. If you are buying boots because you need them to trudge through snow and rain and really test them in extreme conditions, go with the Red Wing boots, they are some of the best made. But if you are buying boots for fashion purposes, plus they are useful on a rainy day, these might be the boots for you. They are nearly $200 less expensive then the really nice Red Wing or Frye boots and they look pretty damn cool.

American Eagle Boat Shoes - $39 - Boat shoes never go out of style. The ones made by AE are very cool looking and significantly less than Sperry Topsiders. While I think everyman should eventually own a pair of Topsiders, these suede boat shoes are a great addition to the closet.
American Eagle College Cardigan - $49 - Cardigan's are great, they are versatile sweater that can be worn over a t-shirt or a button down, can be worn with a tie and slacks or jeans. This cardigan from AE has a cool accent of double stripes on the sleeve. It comes in Navy or Gray. For the price it is definitely worth picking up.

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