Friday, September 25, 2009

Warehouse Sale This Weekend - John Varvatos

Bring on the deals!  Tonight, tomorrow & Sunday is the John Varvatos Warehouse Sale in Los Angeles. They are filling up the convention store with clothes that are up to 90% off and selling them off.  Like most Warehouse sales it is clothes from past seasons as well as irregulars, so try everything on. Each day the prices will drop but so will the best items. You have to register before hand for the event, but it is worth checking it out.

I am definitely checking in out on Saturday. I wish I could make it on Friday night, but I already have plans. I personally am hoping that they have some good accessories, shoes and slacks. They may even have a suit, but I doubt they will have it in my size. I really dig the John Varvatos converse shoes, hopefully they will have those on sale and in my size.

A few more hints:

  • Accessories (watches, sunglasses, etc.) & shoes are the best deals at the Warehouse sales.  Not that the items are the cheapest, but they are high quality and a lot less expensive then you will find in stores.
  • Grab pants in your size and one size up and one size down, and grab a bunch of pairs before trying them on.  It is a community dressing room so it is really a hassle to try stuff on, make it worth your time. 
  • Remember you can tailor it. If the pants fit but are too long, buy them and have them tailored.  If the jacket sleeves are too long, you can have them tailored.  If the pants are slightly big, but fit otherwise, have them tailored.  You probably won't find clothes that fit perfectly at a Warehouse sale so rely on a tailor to make the few nips and tucks needed to make it fit. It will be less expensive than buying it new.
  • Remember a tailor can't fix everything.  If the jeans are too small, a tailor can't help. If the jacket is too big all around, a tailor can make it smaller, but it will lose its silhouette.  A good tailor can help make your clothes fit, but they are not a miracle worker.
  • You can't take the items back.  Once they have been bought you won't be able to exchange them or return them. Buy them only if you are going to wear them.
Maybe I will see you there!  You can register for the event at the link below:

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