Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bespoke Suits Everyone Can Afford

Since we all know that suits are all about fit, the best way to achieve a perfect fit is by ordering a hand made suit.  Bespoke suits can fit all types of bodies and will make you look better than even the most expensive designer suits.  In most cases considerably better, since almost no body types fit designer suits.

The one problem with bespoke suits is the cost.  Unfortunately, most men can not afford to only have bespoke suits in their wardrobe.  Even though a few bespoke suits will go much farther than a wardrobe of ill fitting off the rack suits.  Even man needs bespoke.

Well finally there is an opportunity for every man to obtain bespoke.  Indochino, offer bespoke suits tailored and made in China for $250 to $500.  They offer bespoke suits, blazers, slacks, shirts and ties.  They even have bespoke overcoats, which are incredibly attractive.  Each suit comes in limited quantities, which probably holds down costs.  The suits range from the conservative to the fashion forward.  They even make bespoke tuxedos, which is a much better option than renting, in every possible way.

The suits are all slimmer European cut.  They look to be Drape cut suits, but it is hard to tell, most likely they are a slim fit Continental cut made to look like a Drape cut.  The pants are also slim.  You just need to provide various measurements to Indochino and they will make it to your specifications.  I recommend going to a local tailor and having them measure you for a minimal cost, so that you know the measurements have been done correctly.

I have not tried making a suit with Indochino yet, but I certainly would like to try it out.  Let me know if you use the service, so we can report on the success or possible failure.

Happy suiting.


  1. I really respect your site. That said, PLEASE do NOT encourage people to buy Indochino.

    I wanted to like their craftsmanship and quality, so much so that I recommended them prior to receiving the final goods. Boy, I feel like a shill.

    If you have NEVER bought a suit, ANY suit, then this might work for you.

    However, if you have any inkling of an idea about fashion, materials and craftsmanship, then this is NOT FOR YOU.

    I fell in love with the idea and quite literally would have given them $5 - 7K of my money, but I bought two suits and they failed miserably.

    Consider a good tailor before you try Indochino on for size. FYI, I had 3 different tailors size me and NONE of the suits matched their measurements. BTW, all of the sizes were the same.

    Nevermind the fabrics, which are a joke.

    And a good tailor can make anything look bespoke. dont buy the hype.


  2. Contrary to the above poster's experience, I tried Indochino and I loved it.

    For my wedding, I didn't just want any suit. I wanted the best suit that I could get, without having to beg, borrow or steal the cash to afford it. My first attempt was to purchase a suit for under two hundred dollars off eBay or something. It was a size 32 or 30, smaller than I've ever seen an off the rack suit before. It seemed too good to be true and it really was. It was a poor fit and a miserable failure. I could have worn my winter coat underneath the jacket.

    One night about a week later, I got really angry about being unable to find clothes that fit me (on account of my small stature), took my measurements, plugged them in and ordered myself a nice grey suit with a new custom shirt and a brown tie. Maybe I got lucky and my order wound up in the hands of exactly the right Chinese tailor. Maybe I have a knack for suiting and I knew exactly how to tweak my measurements to get the perfect fit. I don't know how it happened, but that thing fit like a glove.

    Everyone's skeptical of the process. Really? You just take your own measurements? And they know exactly how to do it without looking at you? My coworkers weren't very keen on it, either, but the day that box showed up in our office and I slipped on the jacket, they immediately changed their minds. On the big day of our small ceremony, my wife asked me if I had noticed everyone checking me out. Who? Men. Women. Small children. Wild animals. All of the above.

    In summary, then, I am very pleased with the result and I can't wait to go back and do it again. Five more times.