Saturday, September 19, 2009

Grooming: Face Care

The best clothes in the world can help any guy out, but we all know that taking care of that mug is damned important too. Long gone are the days that women feel guys don't have to take care of themselves. Women notice a man with great skin and will want you to have a grill worth kissing and touching.

That's why it is important to employ some good products that make the job easy. Anthony for Men have the best lineup of products for the average guy as well as guys that need a little extra care.

Step 1: Cleanse
Anthony Algae Face Wash – A soothing everyday face wash, it is easy on your face and hard on dirt.
Anthony Face Scrub – Use this once or twice a week to scrub off the old skin and dirt. I like using it the most when the stubble is longer.

Step 2: Pre-Shave
Anthony Preshave Oil – This is a thick oil that you apply to your face prior to throwing on the Shave Cream. Use only a little bit, as it goes a long way. The Preshave Oil is best used for the guy who wants to keep a clean shaved look on a daily basis without the fear of getting razor burn. It is lubricant for your shave. The stuff also works well if you have a tough beard that you want to soften up prior to shaving.

Step 3: Shave
Anthony Shave Cream – Great for shaving since it is good for the skin and softens up the stubble, especially when you shave after getting out of the shower and have used either the Face Wash or Face Scrub. I really like the Shave Cream since it does not lather up much, which helps if you have facial hair that you don’t want to accidently shave off. It is definitely goatee approved.

Step 4: Tone

Anthony Astringent - Throw it on your face to tighten the skin, remove excess oil and prepare the face better for the moisturizer. Astringent feels great when you splash it on your face, much better than the Home Alone style after shave.

Step 5: Post-Shave

Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment – A miracle product that will actually help eliminate ingrown hairs. This will work on your face as well as work for your girl, so don’t be afraid to suggest that she use some. Trust me, no one likes ingrown hairs… they are a fun killer.
Anthony Razor Burn Repair - Repair the damage the razor does to your skin. Just because you scrap off your stubble with a sharp metal razor, doesn't mean that you have to feel like it.
Anthony Oil Free Facial Lotion SPF 15 – This is the best daily use facial lotion. It can work as an aftershave to sooth your skin, keeps your face from drying out without being oily (hence oil free) and since it has SPF 15 it will keep you from getting a burn on your face when you forget to put on sun screen.

Additional Goodies & Specialty Products -
Anthony Sea Salt Body Scrub - Clean yourself and do it with a fun product that uses actual sea salts. It will exfoliate the body and make you feel extra clean. Buy the 32oz version of Sea Salt Body Scrub and 100% of profits will benefit Prostate Cancer research.
Anthony Spot Treatment Therapy - Got a pimple, I know I get them from time to time. Use this to dab on the zits and see them disappear right before the big date or important power point presentation. Now no one will have to know how stressful you are, and I won't tell anyone, if you won't tell anyone.
Anthony Vitamin C - Put it on your face to tighten skin, improve its age and fool everyone on exactly how old you are. Plus you and your girl can use this product, it perfect for both of you.
Anthony After Sun Soothing Cream - If you're like me you never remember the sun screen yet still end up in the sun. This inevitably means that I am left sun burnt and in need of relief. Try this soothing cream for relief from the lobster red skin damage.

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