Saturday, July 25, 2009

The proper way to dress up a pair of jeans

To continue on the theme of jeans, dressing up a pair of jeans is a critical element to being a dandy fashionier.

Think of your jeans as a pair of neutral slacks, they go with any outfit and color combination. The picture is courtesy of The Sartorialist ( I hope he doesn't mind). Notice the slim straight cut to the jeans, they add personality to the outfit. The jeans add a rebellious casual element to the classic tie, shirt and sport coat combination. Jeans are an easy way to add sprezzatura to an outfit.

We here at DF love his elegant use of no socks, sometimes the best accessory is the absence of one. This is another subtle element to add sprezzatura to his style. (It looks like he accidentally left the house without socks, but he meant to, and man he looks good.)

Also got to love the blue Ray Ban Wayfarers. Nice tie-in to the jeans and tie. Note that the blues don't match they are just in the same color family.

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