Sunday, July 12, 2009

Uniqlo - We need more

I recently found Uniqlo and I want more.  After spending too much time on the website, I have created a resentment that there is only one Uniqlo store in the US, in Manhattan.  I want Uniqlo in Los Angeles and I want it now.  From what I could tell by the website, it is a even less expensive version of H&M.  Who doesn't need quality clothes for less money?  I know you don't have your hands up.

I love the slim fit suit jackets, especially the blue cordlane jacket.  To think this jacket is only $79.95!  I might need to fly to NYC, just for this jacket.  The matching trousers are only $39.50.  Less than $120 for a great summer suit, even if you only wear it a few times this summer it is worth the investment.

I will be visiting Uniqlo soon.  That is for sure!

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