Saturday, July 18, 2009

Essential Summer Fashion Must Haves - Lightweight Shirts

The Essential Summer Fashion items - Lightweight shirts

Summer is hot, but you still want to look fashionable.  The best way to pull off both is with the lightweight shirt.  They are sold by everyone right now: Gap, Calvin Klein, Banana Republic & J Crew.  My favorite are from J Crew, they are well cut and typically can be found on sale for about $30.  Get a couple, I recommend white, pink and light blue, the essential colors.  

These shirts are lightweight, so you won't get hot from too much fabric.  And as an added bonus there is no need to iron them!  They look better rumbled then they do freshly pressed.  I wash and dry them as usual and then pull them out of the dryer, while they are still hot.  Shake it a couple of times and you got the perfect summer fashion statement.  It will look like you wore all day at the beach.  It is a great representation of summer, plus its way too hot to iron.  Trust me, the ladies will love your "careless" attitude about your look.  

It is the ultimate sprezzatura (Artful Deshelvement) to not even iron the shirt.  You may do it on purpose as part of your style, yet it doesn't ever come off as try-hard.  A perfect summer look and a great reason to add the lightweight shirt to the Essential Summer Fashion list.  

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