Thursday, July 23, 2009

Silk Knit Ties

I usually don't like style trends that are throw backs to the days of yore. Trends that are reminiscent of the days of disco, the summer of love or whatever the 80's are actually remembered for. But some reason I am drawn to silk knit ties.

Maybe they are in cooler colors and more modern designs. Maybe it is because the tie has needed some variable options for a while. Maybe it is because it is cool when you can turn something that ugly into something attractive. But whatever the reason, I am drawn to the silk knit tie.

The silk knit tie looks great with a business suit (on a more casual day) or with a dress shirt and jeans on a night out (leave it lose and the top button undone). It is a versatile tie, it very hip and cool and provides some unique elegance to your outfit. You'll stand out for being the only one in the room/bar with a knit tie, which is always a good thing when you are looking stylish.

The silk knit is also a perfect tie to keep you looking Sprezzatura. The knots always come out uneven and artfully disheveled, which is just the way you planned it. Keep them thinking you didn't plan to look this good, because after all who plans to have a tie knot so perfectly unperfect? Well you do, my dandy fashioner.

And if you don't believe me that silk knits are in... check out these designers for their versions of the tie that is gladly making a come back. The tie at the top of the blog is a Calvin Klein Multicolor Strip Knit Tie.

Ralph Lauren Pink Italian Silk Tie

J.Crew Competition stripe Italian Silk Knit tie

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