Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tie Bars - Less expensive than you think

Round Tie Bar - J.Press - $89.99

Tie Bars are back and in a big way. They are stylish and practical and now less expensive than you think. Tie Bars help hold your tie back from your food as well as keep it on place while at work and helps you look like one dandy and dapper dressed man.

I recommend sticking with a plain looking tie bar as your first purchase. This will help it be more versatile and useful in your daily wardrobe. If you want something more fun, pick up a tie bar with a Bulldog, Anchor or Skull & Bones on it. There are even more options available, if you look around.

Check out the Tie Bars below and where you can get them for less than you think.

Triangle Tie Bar - - $34.99

Skull & Bones tie bar - J.Press - $49.99

Silver plain tie bar - - $29.99

Anchor Tie Bar - - $19.99

Sliver Bar clip - Kenneth Cole - $125

Bulldog tie bar - J.Press - $49.99

Black placked silver tie bar - - $54.99

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