Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cuff Links

Cuff links are a great way to dress up a shirt, but they are also a way to show off your personal style and add flair to otherwise fairly normal and conservative outfit. These cuff links certainly add a little bit of rebellion and flair to wardrobe.

Up top are Ravi Ratan's James Bond Casino Royale cuffs

The Football cuff links are also Ravi Ratan. He makes an entire series of cuff links for each NFL and MLB team, chic way to show some team spirit. Especially in a stuffy office environment.

The Skull & Bones and the Multicolored checkerboard cuffs are both by David Donahue. I thinking adding details like Skull & Bones cuff links (done as exquisitely as these) can really show off your personality without offending anyone or sacrificing your dandy fashion sense. I think these are the cuff links are perfect for James Dean.

The last pair of cuff links are by Burberry. I think they would look impeccable with a Burberry scarf in the winter. The subtle connection between the two patterns is so understated it would almost seem accident, it would never come off as too perfect or too much of a match. The perfect combination, anything more than that with this pattern would seem too much like a Burberry catalogue ad, just not appropriate for real life.

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