Monday, July 20, 2009

Essential Summer Fashion Must Haves - Gingham

If you don't have a gingham shirt, go get one right now. It's okay, I'll wait...

Gingham is great. It is classic, it is fashionable and it is the ultimate summer look. (just don't wear a red gingham shirt or else you will look like a picnic table). My favorites are the blues, the purples and the pinks. J.Crew has a great selection of gingham including a cream and white pattern in a wide square that is fantastic. Did you get one yet? I'll wait...

Wear it with a pair of chinos or jeans for a nice date look. Or go with the lilac gingham and a dark blue tie for work. Ralph Lauren even has some nice small check aqua blue gingham, the exact color we discussed earlier in the Essentials of Summer section.

Did you get your gingham yet? What are you waiting for?

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