Sunday, July 19, 2009

Essential Summer Fashion Must Haves - Driving Shoes

My favorite accessory this summer is the driving shoe. These extremely comfortable suede slip on shoes available in all colors are great additions to any summer wardrobe. I love pairing the blue driving shoe with a pair of light chinos and a pink button down. Mismatched colors are a great and simple sprezzatura style element. I also like dressing up jeans with these shoes as they help an outfit pop with sophistication without sacrificing comfort.

Wearing red driving shoes with jeans and a blue button down is a simple style piece that anyone can pull off. It will turn heads, make you feel great and will help you look like a dandy summer style maven.

If you can't afford Tod's driving shoes (the Aston Martin) of driving shoe, then I highly recommend Aldo. Aldo has great versions of the driving shoe at very reason prices. I get my driving shoes at Aldo (don't tell anyone... hopefully they will think I buy Tod's).

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