Friday, October 2, 2009

Wear Round Toed Shoes

With Men's shoes there are three types available: Round Toe, Square Toe & Pointed Toe.  Stick with buying only Round Toe Shoes, they are real the only type of shoe that is acceptable. 

Round Toe Shoes -

Round Toe Shoes are really the only type of shoes a man should wear.  They are classic and attractive, accentuating the shape and size of the foot.  Whether the shoe is a casual shoe, a boot or a dress shoe, it is always safest to stick with the round toe shoes.

Square Toe Shoes -

Men can wear square toe shoes, but it is not recommended.  Square toe shoes shot to popularity in the early '90s and have since gone out of style, yet they still seem to be made by shoe makers everywhere.  The square toe shoes are chunky and ineffective at minimizing the shape and size of the foot.  Shoes should accentuate the foot, yet the square toe actually adds unnecessary size to the foot.

Pointed Toe Shoe -

Pointed shoe toes should never be considered as an option for any man.  I could speak on all of the disadvantages of wearing pointed toe shoes, including making the wearer look like a douchebag and a try-hard, but I prefer to let another writers assessment of pointed toe shoes stand as the only critique needed.  Nicholas Antongiavanni author of The Suit: A Machiavellian Approach to Men's Style simply stated the "Pointed toes are for women".

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