Thursday, October 15, 2009

Style Profile - Lino Ieluzzi

Milan is known for its great style, which comes from all of the men in Milan and the amazing stores in the city.  One of those iconic Milan stores shaping the style of the city is Al Bazar.  Not the classic styles of Milan, but instead the Sprezzatura fashion that Milan does so well.  The customers of Al Bazar are shopping the styles, fashion, collection and tailoring of its owner Lino Ieluzzi. 

Lino Ieluzzi is a master of Sprezzatura, color and the double breasted suit.  He wears a wallet or watch chain hanging from his belt.  He buttons his tie into his jacket or leaves it twisted.  He wears a pocket square thrown into the breast pocket stylistically carelessly.  He pairs colors together that few would naturally think work well together.  All and all Ieluzzi's style is careless, but planned; thoughtful, but looks thoughtless; slightly off of center, but classic; artfully disheveled without looking sloppy. 

Lino Ieluzzi pushes the boundaries of style with his personal choices and pushes the boundaries of style for the frequenters of Al Bazar.  Milan is better off with Ieluzzi's style keeping things fresh and un-stuffy.  In fact we are all better off with Lino Ieluzzi and Al Bazar.

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