Monday, October 5, 2009

Style Profile - Paul Newman

Paul Newman was the king of a sophisticated style.  He was able to cross from weekend casual to suit & tie and then to motorcycle and car racing without a problem.  He was always very masculine in everything he wore and looked good into his old age.  He was still looked genuine in rugged weekend wear as much as anything else he wore.  Newman's style was classic, male and based on utilizing basic building blocks to make a strong overall wardrobe.


He had classically tailored suits, well made boots, utilitarian peacoats and dock appropriate topsiders.  Newman wore the right stylistic elements when they were supposed to be worn.  He never looked out of place or like he tried too hard to find the right outfit.  Everything fit well together, since it was built on basic essentials that every wardrobe should be built around.  He wore white oxford shirts, navy blue ties, rugged work coats, navy double breasted suits and weekend chinos.  And he wore each item when they were supposed to be worn.  He never made the outfits work too hard to fit in.  Essentially he wore the clothes, he never let the clothes wear him.

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