Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Berluti Shoes

Arguably the best made-to-wear shoes in the world are Berluti.  They are a French company that have a few places in two stores in New York, one store in Los Angeles, Las Vegas & Dallas, as well as stores all over Europe that sell the masterpiece shoes.

They have been making shoes 1895 and have some of the most beautiful patinas on the brown shoes that they make.  The shoes all are the most luxurious and highest quality shoes that can be bought.  They are classic and traditional, but also groundbreaking and quite bizarre.  The most beautiful versions in my opinion are the minimalist sleek designs made from a single piece of leather.  But then again I think for some reason if I wore the purple Berluti shoes few people would have room to mock.

They seem to be able to cross the line between appropriate and inappropriate, classic and informal, elegant and gaudy without ever being a shoe that I would not be proud to own and wear with most any suit I own.  For Berluti I think it is simple, luxury, quality and style are apparent in every shoe made and those three things are of the highest level made of any shoe in the market.

Berluti shoes are certainly inspiring.

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