Saturday, October 17, 2009

New York City Awaits...

At the end of October I will be traveling to New York for the weekend.  Part business, part pleasure.  I am certainly looking forward to shopping in NYC.  One of the stores that I am really excited to check out is Uniqlo.  I want to see the quality and fit of the clothes up close and personal, as well as pick up a few items if the clothes hold up to my standards.  From pictures alone, they certainly do.

Uniqlo is kind of like H&M, inexpensive clothes made in Europe.  They carry everything from casual t-shirts to wool suits.  I am very interested in checking out the no wale corduroy jacket that they are selling for $69.95.  I love the idea of a no wale cord, I hope it lives up to my expectations.  I also want to check out their trench coat, which is only $99.  Both seem like a good deal to me.  Finally, I am interested in their buffalo check flannel shirt for only $39.  Hopefully, the shirt fits nicely as I would rather get that shirt for $39 from Uniqlo than for $69 from J Crew or $85 from Woolrich, essentially they are the same shirt, at least in pictures.  I will know more once I am there.

I am certainly going to be checking out additional stores in New York, let me know if you have any suggestions on cool stores to check out.  I will also keep you posted on my Uniqlo finds.

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