Monday, October 19, 2009

Traditional Design in a Unique Fabric

While at Michael's Custom Clothiers this weekend I stumbled across a beautiful fabric made out of Worsted Wool (50%), Linen (30%) & Silk (20%).  The fabric came in a multitude of designs and colors but my favorite were the houndstooth and herringbone.  They were both tan and navy a striking combination.  Perfect for warm weather, or year around in a warm weather city like Los Angeles.

Personally, I would opt for the herringbone design to be made into a suit and the houndstooth to be made into an odd jacket.  Either option would be quite fun to be seen made into a finished piece.  The fabrics were part of a Savile Row "Island" collection.  Neither textile would be seen in on the rack made to wear clothing.  Yet another reason to get your suits & jackets made bespoke, selection.

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