Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The "Italian background"

Italians love to wear a navy tie and light blue shirt with almost everything they wear. It can be considered the "Italian background" for a suit. It is conservative, classic and perfect for business. It might be the most universally appropriate shirt & tie combination. While it can be dull looking, it has tremendous value in its versatility and classical pairing.  Keep this pairing in mind when you want to push the boundaries in other areas of your outfit.

If you want to wear a brightly or vibrantly colored pocket square or an offbeat colored odd jacket or an odd vest with your suit. The "Italian background" will work great. It works with most any suit made, since it is so conservative, classic and quite frankly dull.  This conservative base allows for risks be taken in other areas without the outfit looking inappropriate. The "Italian background" grounds the outfit in a classic heritage that allows for the suits, pocket squares and odd jackets to be any thing but conservative.  Whenever you are not sure what will work with the new odd jacket that you just bought, think about the "Italian background", it will take the outfit from risky to downright dandy.

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