Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fall Essentials - Trench Coat

Everywhere you look there are trench coats. Every designer, store and runway show have variations of the jacket. This is one of the looks that I love for the fall, mainly due to it be a utilitarian fashion trend.

Living in Los Angeles, I do not have a use for a full cashmere trench coat (except for the business trips), but I do have a use for a rain trench coat. I think the look is very sophisticated, with or without a full suit and can be very versatile this fall and winter. I do think that the trench coat looks best with a tie, or at a button-down and sweater combo.

Aside from the rain trench coat, the other trench coat that you will see in stores is trench with a large collar and toggle clasps. Burberry makes a cool version of this trench. I think this jacket makes more sense for cool weather cities as it needs to be wool or cashmere to look good.

When picking out a trench, be sure it is tailored and slim. Make sure it has large lapels and plenty of buttons or toggles. It should have a nice modern fit and hit you on your thigh above your knee. In the rain coat version it should be double breasted, in the toggle version the toggles should be interesting, large and wooden.

This is a fall fashion that will be cool to wear now and useful to wear in all future seasons.

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